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For immediate release

For Immediate Release

R. Ellis
Caribbean Affairs Inc

Caribbean Affairs Inc.

South Floral Park, NY – October 5, 2018 – Advertising has evolved and Caribbean Affairs Inc has taken a unique approach to bringing advertisers onto a largely untouched marketing platform. The driven purpose, to uncover the exciting and profitable advertising potential available to companies wanting to get on board with Caribbean related services and interests to those with Caribbean roots. 

What’s so amazing about the opportunities offered by Caribbean Affairs Inc., is that its focus leapfrogged the standard overpopulated advertising circle, to create a unique niche of advertising for the undeserved Caribbean circle. “Through our affordable advertising rates we can reach and satisfy the desires of this niche market while growing the market share and visibility”, says, Randy Ellis, owner of Caribbean Affairs Inc., “We therefore bring to advertisers the significant buying power of this vast and largely untapped pool of consumers”. 

Advertising via Caribbean Affairs., is not only an incredible opportunity, but one that can bring any company a new area of marketing opportunity; from travel deals, to Caribbean related services. What an incredible opportunity! 

Caribbean Affairs Inc., provides information to and from the people of the Caribbean and other parts of the world. It has a special focus to people of the Caribbean Diaspora residing in the United States, Canada, and Europe; who wish to maintain strong links with their Caribbean roots. Caribbean Affairs recognizes that many people from the Caribbean islands attach high value to their diaspora members whose remittances provide a much needed boost to their GDP figures.