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Caribbean Waters

Why is the Caribbean Waters So Blue ?

August 26, 2018


Why is the Caribbean Waters So Blue? The Caribbean aqua moonlight blue waters are often the first lines of postcard and picture meme. The wondrous beauty of the waters makes for an added extra in an already dream vacation. Artist have taken advantage of the mystical beauty of the slow and thematic ripples that make for an  illustrated chorus in the land of the Caribbean.

Through all the beauty and amazement the question still beckons an answer, Why is the Caribbean Waters So Blue ? Surely an answer is in mind. So let’s go through a brief explanation as to how and why those majestic waters are reminiscent of an artist impression.

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Oddly enough the blue shade of the Caribbean is actually a result of the coast actually scattering sunlight and producing the beautiful blue. Many people still believe that the blue is a result of hormones and a magical glow accented by colorful ocean habitats. However, the reasons why the Caribbean water is so blue has nothing to due with what swims among the water.

Another explanation of Why is the Caribbean water so blue, is actually a bit of mixing of an aqua shade. The aqua shade and clearness of the Caribbean’s blue can be attributed to warmer waters making for an unwelcome environment for algae.

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Yet another influence on the Caribbean water is the offset of a turquoise tint the result of sand’s lightness and water shallowness interacting to create the aqua green that serves as a perfect background pic for travelers.

Besides making for a wonderful background, the clear, beautiful, and turquoise waters are excellent for swimming, and being able to see the beauty of the Caribbean habitats swim right next to those taking pleasures in the waters.

If you have not yet experienced the Caribbean, do so, and you’ll be one step ahead and fully able to answer Why is the Caribbean Waters so Blue , but pointing all the credit to Mother Nature.

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