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Advertise with Caribbean Affairs and reach millions of customers!

There’s no better way to reach millions of customers than with the help of one of the leading informational and advertising companies, Caribbean Affairs. Advertising That’s Easy and Profitable. Less than $2.50 per day!


  • An estimated 170 million U.S. Internet users go online to conduct a local search.

  • We place you in a market where 170 million people shop annually.

  • We attract business customers who prefer making their own decisions by taking smart risks. In fact, these are the customers who represent the core of Caribbean Affairs.

  • Look even more professional in a competitive marketplace.

  • Caribbean Affairs can help give your Business or Party/Event that extra boost.

  • Internet marketing has proven to be very reliable and convenient over the years.

  • Delivery of information and advertisement can be focused on specific demographics and geographic visitors.

  • Let us advertise and publish your company/business or party/event locally, nationwide and worldwide to the fastest growing population who are desperately surfing the internet for information.

  • Caribbean Affairs can get your products and services to the clients you would not otherwise be able to reach.

  • Sign up today and take advantage of this one time introductory rate.

Compare our prices, then act today and advertise for less than two ($1) dollars a day.

Advertising Rates:

1). Parties/Events Flyer Ads: Up to 2 Months, US $25.
2). Parties/Events Flyer Ads: 3 – 6 Months, US $55.
3). 6 Months Business Ad: US $375.
4). 1 Year Business Ad: US $650.
5). 2 Years Business Ad: US $1,100.
6). Video Ad: Up to 2 Months, US $50.
7). Video Ad: 3 – 4 Months, US $150.
8). Photography: US $100.00 an Hour.
9). Videography: US $125.00 an Hour.


NB: After selecting and purchasing your Ad, if applicable, send us information about your business; pictures, or/and videos, and a precise description of your company/business. Your Ad will consist of a banner and a full page. If you are advertising a party or event, please attach your flyer or video on the submission form.