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Caribbean Affairs offers a large selection of rental cars at the best prices in the Caribbean

Car Rentals in the Caribbean

There are plenty of cars on offer in Caribbean Islands. You may be able to secure a convertible, compact, sedan, pickup, or even an SUV. Either filter by type or search the whole range to find the best possible deal on your Caribbean Islands car rental. Whether you’re planning a vacation with the family or a solo business trip, you’ll find the right vehicle with Craribbesn Affairs.


Trinidad car rentals offers cost-effective rates on luxury and other cars. Lodge with us for appealing rental prices. There is so much to discover here in Trinidad. Explore the mesmerizing beauty with ease. Contact Us Today. Car Rental Service. Experience convenience. Unbeatable rates. Book with Caribbean Affairs.


Birdi’s car rental in Tobago rates are highly competitive when compared to other car rental agencies. We offer free delivery and collection of rental cars throughout Tobago and can accept credit card payment on the spot.


Barbados Car Rental: We provide the best car rental in Barbados with a variety of vehicles that accommodates seating varying from 4 to 8 persons.


Renting a car in Grenada has its advantages. Our island has some wonderful secluded beaches, which would only be accessible if you had your own transportation. It is impossible to get lost for very long as Grenadians will always give you helpful directions if you stop and ask.

St. Lucia

We offer a wide selection of rental cars in St. Lucia to meet nearly every need. If you need any special equipment, like a child seat or ski rack, let us know.  And what’s more, when you choose to rent a car from one of our St. Lucia airport car rental partners you’ll be dealing with a rental car company that has made a special commitment to provide our customers with great customer service, a wide choice of top quality cars, and low pricing.