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Grenada Carnival Package

Spicemas Package

Calendar of Events

About Grenada Mas

Like many countries in the Caribbean, Grenada celebrates a colorful and exuberant carnival. Since 1981, it has taken place on the second Monday and Tuesday in August.

Before independence in 1974, the Grenadian carnival has been celebrated on the traditional date of the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent.

After experimenting with celebrating the carnival on Easter and in May, it was decided that August would be a more suitable date as it wouldn’t compete with the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and that time of the year was better placed to allow expatriate Grenadians and those with Grenadian roots to be able to return home during the summer months of the North American and European seasons.

Known as Spicemas or August Mas, the carnival is the premier cultural event in Grenada and is marked by two days of public holidays on which banks and most shops will be closed.