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Massy Trinidad All Stars


Fleet's In: A Voyage to "ZANZIBAR"

Sections for Carnival Monday, 2024

ISI Fit Design Studio Section

"Africa Black Gold"
Semi Inclusive

Male: TT $1,200.00 – US $178.00

Men’s Package includes: 
Head Gear, Black Gold Mesh T-Shirt, Drawstring Trousers, Cape, knap sack with goodies, and Stainless Steel Cup
Female: TT $1,500.00 – US $222.00.

Ladies Package includes: 
Head Piece of Choice, Necklace, Fan, Dress, Sling Bag with Goodies, and Stainless Steel Cup

Registration Fee: TT $600.00

For more information:
Please Contact:

Alicia: 868-768-2233
Isidora: 868-684-3164
Dayne: 868-758-5303