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Welcome to Trinidad

Sight See Travel & Tours - Policies

Sight See Tours TT is a registered Sole Entrepreneur Business in Trinidad and Tobago that provides educational, fun and exciting experiences to all who book and travel with us. We operate 7 days a week and provide a range of transport from small passenger vehicles to small and large maxi taxis that can arrange pick up and drop offs along with planned tours.

Sight See Tours TT also offers a variety of special discounts depending on your travel plans, destination and size of group. We have hikes, historical site tours, beach excursion tours as well as boat tours, and private yachts. All areas we promote are safe for guests/visitors and have been scouted by our well trained team prior to offering on our listing.


Booking Policies

  • Bookings can be made for groups with a minimum of 2 or more persons.

  • Inquiries or Bookings can be done by contacting Sight See Tours TT, Facebook and, Instagram Pages and instructions will be provided.

  • Tour inquiries will be responded to in 24 to 36 hours by Sight See Tours TT staff.

  • Bookings can also be done with our collaborated Partners’ Websites and Social Media Platforms.

  • All booking sites and platforms are secured and protected.

  • Size of groups will determine which type of ground transportation will be used.

  • Discounts are offered to groups with ten (10) or more persons who wish to use our services.

  • Groups or individuals who utilize our service 3 or more times will can gain reward points that can be applied to future services for specified local tours.

  • Confidentiality is clearly adhered to as it concerns names, contact information, address and other pertinent information given at the time of booking.

Safety Policies

These rules are for your own comfort and safety:

  • Please keep your seat belts fastened at all times when the vehicles are in motion.

  • I ask that you keep your hands inside the vehicles.

  • Please refrain from smoking in the vehicles.

  • Please stay with your group at all times and do not wander off when we are boarding the vehicles.

  • Please keep to the sidewalk or areas designated for walking.

  • We suggest only carrying small amounts of cash on the tours.

  • We suggest you secure your valuables at your home or your hotels’ safes.

  • Walk with comfortable shoes and necessary medication.

  • Persons must declare before the start of the trip of any ailment, allergies or disabilities as this is necessary to partake in certain activities on our listing.

  • All tours are prepaid and cash payment is not accepted on the day of the tour.

    Etiquette and Customs.

  • It is customary in our country to tip the friendly bus driver if you are satisfied with his service.

  • In this region we shake hands during a first meeting or greet with a big warm smile.

  • The driver should be addressed by his name and not be distracted or interrupted when driving.

  • No derogatory or foul language allowed on the vehicles.

  • No damage or destruction will be tolerated to the vehicles.

  • You are asked to take your belongings and waste when exiting the vehicle.

  • A tour guide will be present on your tours, please speak with him or her for assistance and not disturb the driver.

Requirements at Sites and Attractions

  • Sight See Tours TT is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur at the sites and attractions.

  • You are asked to follow the rules and directions outlined by the management of the sites and attractions.

  • If you are pregnant, suffering with back pains or vertigo or any medical issues, you will not be allowed to partake in the boat rides, strenuous hikes, zip lining or any activity that can be a danger to you. Should you be adamant to participate, you will be required to sign a waiver form admonishing any liability to Sight See Tours TT.

  • Where there are signs that strictly forbid taking photographs inside a facility or site or attraction, please follow their request.

  • Please pay attention to the time. We don’t want to keep the driver waiting.

  • Classes are in session, so we need to keep our voices down.

  • Remember the times the bus will be departing and ensure you return in sufficient time.

  • Free time will be allocated for you to explore and relax at the attraction.

  • Please when exploring any attraction, stay in small groups and not on your own.

  • Life jackets are provided by Sight See Tours for all water sports and they must be worn when in the water.

  • Any other safety harness that are required must be worn by you or you will be asked to refrain from participating in that activity.

  • For all hikes and trails, everyone needs to have a water bottle or walk with the water that is provided for you to avoid sunstroke or dehydration.

Ground Transportation Rules and Policies

  • All vehicles have experienced and qualified drivers.

  • All vehicles are insured.

  • All vehicles have Wi-Fi while onboard.

  • No fights, threats or harm to another guests will be tolerated on or off the bus.

  • The driver cannot be approached to renegotiate the paid fees agreed upon.

  • All vehicles are sanitized and cleaned after trips to ensure compliance to COVID requirements.

  • Vehicle size will be determined by the number of persons on each tour.

  • You are free to wear masks if you desire on the vehicles.

Payment Policies:

  • All tours are prepaid in advance.

  • The payment by the group will reflect the number of persons who were originally agreed upon at the time. Additional persons cannot be added without permission from Sight See Tours TT.

  • If the number of persons have decreased for the group, payments are NOT refunded or credited for future tours.

  • Unpaid balance at the start of the tour MUST BE settled before any tour can be conducted.

  • Any agreed cost for a tour was designed or catered for a specific group and cannot be shared or given to another group WITHOUT permission from Sight See Tours TT.

  • All agreed prices /costs are FINAL.

Cancellation Policies:

  • Groups ARE ALLOWED to cancel their bookings for a tour one (1) week in advance. However, there will be a 25% cancellation processing fee.

  • Groups ARE NOT allowed to cancel on the day of the tour as this can incur loss of the group’s final payment.

  • Tours can be canceled at no cost to groups for inclement weather or any national emergency that are outside the control of Sight See Tours or the group.

Feedback & Comments:

  • Sight See Tours appreciates all constructive feedback and comments from our valued customers.

  • Confidentiality is clearly practiced at Sight See Tours when feedback is given.

  • Posting of other agencies or groups services at time of feedback or comments will not be tolerated and will be removed from our platform.