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Island Tours in Trinidad

Sonic Bus Tours



Discover Trinidad’s most popular attractions from the comfort of an air-conditioned bus. Your friendly and professional tour guide will show you beautiful historical and natural landmarks while keeping you thoroughly informed about Trinidad and its history. Captivate your senses on a journey through this spectacular Caribbean island. On the Sonic Bus Tours, experience the best of what the island of Trinidad has to offer. Read more..


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Featured Tours


City Tour (2 Hours Tour)
Tour Includes a visit to the Royal Botanic
Gardens, the National Academy of the
Performing Arts, Shopping at two of POS
famous Malls. More on the City Tour.

10 pers or more:
US $12 per person.
Under 10 pers:
US $15 US per pers.

Chaguanas West Caroni Bird Sanctuary

Bird Sanctuary (4 Hours Tour)
To witness the Scarlet Ibis come home to
roost is the only one of its kind in the
Region. More on Caroni Bird Sanctuary.

10 pers or more:
US $15 per pers
Under 10 pers:
US $20  per pers.

Trip to Maracas Beach

Maracas Beach (4 Hours Tour)
(4 persons minimum).
Before heading to Maracas Beach, we stop
at two famous lookouts. The Lady Young
lookout and Maracas lookout. Both allow
for amazing photographic opportunities
with their stunning views. More on the trip to Maracas Beach.

10 pers or more:
US $20 per pers
Under 10 pers:
US $25 per pers.

Trinidad Pitch Lake

Pitch Lake (5 Hours Tour)
(4 persons minimum).
The Pitch Lake is the largest natural deposit
of asphalt in the world, located at La Brea in southwest Trinidad. This 5-hour tour takes
you to explore the attractions of Central &
South Trinidad. More on the Pitch Lake.

10 persons or more:
US $20 per pers.
Under 10 pers:
US $25 per pers.

La Vega garden center

La Vega (6 Hours Tour)
La Vega located in central Trinidad,
La Vega is a 250-acre estate with outdoor
fun and interests for the whole family.
More on La Vega Garden Center.

25 persons or more:
US $10 per pers.
Under 25 persons:
US $15 per pers.