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The Caribbean Steelpans

Welcome to Trinidad, the origin of the Steelpan

Caribbean Steelpans

Steelpans and Accessory
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Why Steel Pans Instruments Made in Trinidad Sound the Best? Are you a music lover? Do you like the sound of Caribbean music? If you do, then you’ve probably heard of steel pan instruments. And if you haven’t, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will explore the fascinating history of steel pan instruments and why the ones made in Trinidad sound the best. Continue…

The New Generation Tenor/Soprano Steel Pan

US $1,085
(Stand not Included)

Chromed Steelpans

Single Tenor/ Soprano

US $875.00
(Stand not Included)

Double Tenor/Soprano

US $1,275.00
(Stand not Included)

Double Guitar/Cello

US $1,500.00
(Stand not Included)

Double Second

US $1,275.00
(Stand not Included)

Triple Guitar or Cello

US $2,175.00
(Stand not Included)

Six Bass

Please contact Us
Available on request.


Breakdown Painted Stand
Collapsible Aluminum Std
Guitar/Cello Pan Case
Tenor Pan Case w/Flag
Single Tenor Pan Case
  • Steelpans should be shipped in pan cases for safety and protection. (Recommended)

  • Free shipping in the Caribbean, USA, and Canada. Shipping prices for other countries will be determined when an item is purchased. If you reside in Trinidad, you only pay a transportation fee.

  • Free Mallets with the purchase of an instrument.